Jammin' (rawrwarped) wrote in petersboys,

Warped RP Promo. Various Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance Slash RPers Needed.

Over 80 characters!

Characters Needed:
Dir En Grey minus Kaoru, Die, & Toshiya
Thirty Seconds to Mars minus Jared & Tomo
AFI minus Jade & Davey
Escape the Fate minus Max & Ronnie
Gym Class Heroes minus Travis & Matt
MUCC minus Miya & Tatsurou
underOATH minus Spencer & Aaron
Yellowcard minus Ryan & Sean
Alkaline Trio minus Matt
A Skylit Drive minus Nick
The Birthday Massacre minus Owen
BlesstheFall minus Michael
Brand New minus Jesse
Bring Me the Horizon minus Oli
Bullet For My Valentine minus Matt
Bullets and Octane minus Gene
Green Day minus Tre
Hellogoodbye minus Forrest
Kaizer's Orchestra minus Geir
Marina's Trench minus Josh
OK Go minus Damian
Placebo minus Brian
This Providence minus David
Taking Back Sunday minus Adam
Tool minus Maynard
Simple Plan minus David
Smile Empty Soul minus Sean
Ryland & Alex from Cobra Starship
Nao from Alice Nine
Johnny from Avenged Sevenfold
Tom from Cute Is What We Aim For
Matt M. from From First to Last
Ruki from The GazettE
Dan from The Used
as well as just about any other band you can think of...

Taken Characters List

Also, original characters are allowed as long as they have a job (roadie, sound tech, merch guy, etc), as well as friends of the bands (real friends). Be creative, you could even be a reporter for Fuse, a VJ, whatever you want, the sky’s the limit. Any band can participate, the RP is a tour RP but it isn’t strictly based on Warped.

(Want to be affiliates? IM BringMeKnives on AIM)
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