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Is this for real? Ch. 2

Title: "Is this for real?" (2/?)
Rating: G/PG this chapter.  However I expect it to get racier as it goes on.
Pairing: Pete/Andy and mentions of Pete/Patrick
Summary:  This is going to be one interesting show...  "Some fans won a private meeting with you. Something about standing in the cold in their underwear for 4 days straight. I don’t know all the details, but I’m sure they will be more then willing to explain it to you. Let’s go."
Disclaimer:  I do not own these guys.  If I did, Patrick would NEVER be sad.  He wouldn't have time to be sad...  *giggles*  This may or may not be IC.  I just write.  If you feel something is off, sorry.  This came from my own brain.  Blame it.  Or Blame Dan.  Dan is always a good person to blame.  LOL!

Authors note:  This was written for meowshi because she came up with the idea.  I just write the words as they come to me.  And for spldangl22and lizard84, because they are awesome best friends.  I dont think  I could ask for better friends.  


Andy walked around, outside the venue for a few minutes, thinking. What the hell is Patrick thinking? Pete liking me? No fucking way. Not on his life. This is so not happening. It has to be some sick, twisted April fool’s day joke. This cannot be happening. He walked around, talking to himself quietly when he noticed Pete and Joe walking back to the bus. He made a point not to go back there. He was not ready to see any of them yet. He walked around, watching as a line was forming off in the distance. “Fans…” He muttered to himself, then, admitting defeat, walked back to the bus to grab what he needed for the show.
            On the bus, Pete was typing something on his sidekick. Joe was sitting across from Patrick, who still had his headphones on. You could almost cut the tension with a knife, it was so thick. 
            Andy sighed and walked in. Pete looked up first. “Hey man. Wondered where you went.”
            “Yeah I bet you did…” Patrick muttered under his breath. Joe looked over at Patrick, shocked that 1.) He had said that and 2.) That he had said ANYTHING at all, considering it had been days since Patrick had had a conversation with anyone of them. Joe looked over at Andy who just shrugged and shook his head. Ill talk to him later. After I digest all this myself. It has to be a joke. Andy looked around as though he was waiting for a camera crew to jump out and tell him he was being punked. Would serve me right though. Guess I would deserve it. Would make this all just a little bit funny. Andy walked back to his bunk and grabbed his ipod, sticks, and the silencer he had stuffed there. He walked back out into the main area, pausing next to Patrick. Patrick turned to look at him, glaring. Andy decided not to say anything, and walked off the bus. 
            Joe noticed Patrick glaring at Andy. As Andy got off the bus, he got up and followed Andy. “Ill be back. Try not to kill each other while I am gone.” And he stepped off. “Hey! Andy! Wait up!” Joe ran, which was not normal for him, and finally caught up. “What’s going on? Did you talk to Patrick?” 
            Andy sighed. “Yeah, I talked to him.” 
            “Well? What’s their deal?”
            Andy paused. Do I really tell him here, like this now? He sighed. “They aren’t together anymore. And apparently it’s not going to be fixed.” 
            Joe was shocked. “Broke up? Like for good?” Andy nodded. “Wow. That explains a lot…” The boys walked into the venue in silence.
Pete put his side kick down and looked over at Patrick, who still had his headphones on his head. He picked up a piece of scrap paper from the floor and balled it up, tossing it at Patrick. It hit his head. Patrick turned around, taking the headphones off. 
            “What the hell?” Patrick looked annoyed.
            “Are you ever going to talk to me? Or are we just going to go around for the rest of our lives like this?” He was genuinely concerned and curious. Patrick could tell by the tone in his voice. Patrick took a deep breath and relaxed his shoulders.
            “I don’t know, ok? Just looking at you hurts. Not much I can do about that. But Andy knows.”
            “What? What are you talking about? Andy knows what?” Pete’s back got rigid and his jaw locked. Andy knows what happened? Did Patrick tell him?
            Patrick looked square into Pete’s eyes. “Yes, Andy knows what happened between us and yes I told him. It would have come out eventually.” Patrick turned back around and put his headphones back on. 
            Pete stood up and started pacing. Great! This is the payment I get for telling my best friend that I like someone else. Granted I was dating my best friend, but still. I should be able to tell him some things. I should be able to still be honest with him. Pete grabbed his side kick off the bench he was sitting on and walked off the bus. He needed to find Andy, and fast. This is going to be an interesting show…
            Patrick listened as Pete walked off the bus. At least he knows. Now, if Andy feels something back, then shit will really hit the fan. This is going to be an interesting show… He closed his laptop and grabbed a bottle of water. Patrick walked slowly off the bus, making sure to give Pete enough time to get inside before he showed himself. 
            Pete practically ran into the venue, yelling for Andy and Joe. Just before he got into the dressing room, he was stopped by Korean Tom Cruise, their tour manager. “Hey KTC, Can’t really talk right now. Gotta…. Fix something.” Pete tried to swerve past him, but it was no use. 
            “You gotta do some interviews before the show. Some fans won a private meeting with you. Something about standing in the cold in their underwear for 4 days straight. I don’t know all the details, but I’m sure they will be more then willing to explain it to you. Let’s go.” And he grabbed Pete’s arm and whisked him off to another area back stage before Pete had time to protest.
            Patrick slowly walked into the venue, ipod in hand and went into the dressing room. He glanced around and did not see Pete anywhere. Guess he freaked out or something.   And Patrick put his headphones back on his ears and started his warm up ritual, walking around singing show tunes to himself. 
            Andy was sitting drumming on a table when Patrick walked in. He glanced at Patrick then at Joe who was involved with the food table. Andy laughed, only because he was willing to bet that if it were legal, Joe would marry the food on the table. Andy went back to his drumming warm-ups and secretly hoped that nothing would come to head until after the show. This is going to be one interesting show…
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